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Best Things in The World

Hi everybody this post will be about my favorite things to do because you have read my about me post ( I hope) but that does not include many things that I really enjoy. I really like  a lot of… Continue Reading →

International event

AwesomeFest 2015 By Wyatt Banik My festival is called Awesome Fest and there will be a lot of live with music with as much good food as you can eat. The worlds biggest and fastest rides will be there.The festival… Continue Reading →

picture sentence

images from… http://o.bebo.com/c/photos/view?MemberId=825408555&PhotoAlbumId=6300408033&PhotoId=4409611444 http://www.iemoji.com/view/emoji/691/people/sparkling-heart http://www.iemoji.com/view/emoji/108/people/eyes But now for my sentence. My attributions are backwards but my sentence means that I love dirtbikes

closed lion hunts

There is this horrible thing called a closed lion hunt where people buy lions from farms and have people pay money to go in a fenced in area with trapped lions to go hunt while they have no where to… Continue Reading →

Extreme makeover school edition

If I were to change something about my school or improve it the thing I would do is make it so the student could sit outside or inside and have picnic tables outside. The reason I would put picnic tables… Continue Reading →

Veterans Day

I would like to thank all soldiers who fought for my rights and those who will fight in the future. You can’t really understand or define what Veterans Day means to someone until you really talk to them or fight… Continue Reading →

What you see out side my class window

If you look outside my  classroom window right now you would see in the summer a big corn field and in the fall a huge open plane and  in the winter you would see a big beautiful sheet of snow… Continue Reading →

Wrestling Season

Hey guys wrestling season started today here at Logan Elm and I already forgot my shoes and my shorts because I am used to going at like 6:00 instead of right after school so this is all new to me… Continue Reading →

puzzle and slideshow

If you would like to view my slideshow and/or puzzle of a dirt bike look in the blog roll for “jigsaw puzzle” or “my seven wonders of the world”. THANK YOU

Where I get my pictures

The place I would give copyright to is google images for all my pictures.

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